Marburger Bildungs-Fest - a conflict about feminism or what?

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Marburger Bildungs-Fest - a conflict about feminism or what?

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Description of „Schenker-Bewegung (Givers- or Gift-Movement)“ and our 'human-rights-problems' in general:
„Schenker-Bewegung“ („Givers- or Gift-Movement“) tries to describe and defend as an elementary human right the right, to behave towards other humans only in a loving way (gift-economy as in friendships, love-affairs, families...) and towards the whole world in a globally responsible way (feeling like organs in the bio-cosmos; or, in a serving instead of dominating sense: like the head(s) of 'Gaia'...). Without any unnecessary ideologies, 'gurus', authorities etc. we want to describe a „minimum-consensus“ for „consensus-communities of global sharing“: that the individuals organize their inner motivations, so that the good of the whole is the main orientation; and that in living-together we become able - by love, nonviolent communication and conflict-work, consensus-training etc. - for „global-love-consensus“... Instead of individuals or lobbies, who want to give their programs to society without asking for such consensus, we prefer the idea to give all necessary decisions into the hands of such „consensus-people“... (Such consensus-communities could form „speaker-meetings“ etc. and could develop to „global consensus-democracy(demogracy)“...)
Gift-Movement was founded in 1991 and until now has developped 3 non-profit-organisations/associations and ca. 10 community-projects, with different focus of work: a) culture/information-work; b) „alternative social-work“, welcoming every human being as brother or sister; c) ecological work, trying to create biotopes of plants, animals and humans...
Though many „political programs“ claim in an abstract way, that they want „global responsibility“, the proposed ways for it are big problems. For example: „capitalism“ says, the individuals do not need a global-responsibility-motivation, but can stay egoists, and „mechanisms of the market“ would lead to social or global responsibility...; „socialism“,„state-communism“ (and religious ideas like muslim-states) claim the right for violent elites to dominate and educate the masses... etc.
So we are not astonished, that our attempt to give the right for „global-responsibility self-organisation“ into the hands of all people has been attacked in the last more than 20 years from a lot of sides, including mighty lobbies and state authorities...
The founder of the movement for example, after some public attention for him, has been attacked during several years by a diffamation- and accusations-campaign, which in part used law-courts and which was so arbitrarily constructed, that a lawyer offered help as a gift, saying, he would not be ready to see such instrumentalized trials without resistance – and in the end all the accusations had no success (- till now; we know, that „some sides“ would still like such successes)... Also our non-profit-associations have been attacked sometimes in the last years, in part with obviously ideological arguments...

A concrete conflict, where we would like 'human-rights-observation':
And in 2013 and 2014 we all have been excluded from a public event for sustainability-education („Marburger Bildungsfest“), which is supported for example by the city and university of Marburg. At first the organization-team of the event accused the founder of our movement, he would have „stared in a too sexualized way“ at some women during the event of 2012. The accusation was combined with quotations from his websites, which were obviously not correct. And the women, who would be the victims, could not be identified, reached, asked etc. (- even not in (anonimity-)protected forms of mediation, what we offered, if there might be any fears... -), not for us, but even not for the organization-team. The organization-team said however, it would not be necessary to get any contact to these women, because they would follow the principle of „definition-power“: In such situations, women would have the right, to define, whether they would have been attacked and how the man should be sanctioned – without any need for more explanations or verifications... We others (representatives of the associations of Gift-Movement) announced, that we would make publicity-work at the event about this scandalous procedure – and immediately were excluded from the event, too... --- Meanwhile, one year later, as we often asked for a mediation, which the organization-team had offered for the time after the event 2013, at least shortly before the event 2014 (when we announced intensified public protest-actions, if not) we got the beginning of such a mediation: In the mediation the organization-team admitted (as it had done already in a newspaper-interview 2013, for which we had asked the newspaper), that it would no longer regard the „sexism-accusations“ as a valid reason for the exclusions, also they have given up other arguments like, that „it would be too dangerous for the security-situation of the event, if we would take part, because radical feminist groups could attack us“..., and so on... But – without clear other reasons (after longer asking them, we heard about ‚pains‘, which they would have because of the things which happened..., and that they would fear, we could perhaps do ‚border-violating‘ things in future..., and that we should excuse ourselves already for eventual annoyances, which women might have felt, even without intention or noticing by us... [we have no problem with such excuses...]) – the exclusion has been kept up also for the event 2014... ---- At least the mediation shall continue and we hope, it leads to an end of the arbitrary discriminations... But we are not sure, and we would be happy, if it would be observed by any helping eyes...

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