networking -- Figuera and the idea of New Natives

Here SB invites other people to take part in networking a) to create "seeds" of existential living of the alternative structure (love, gifts, "consensus-sharing"...), or b) to create effective solidarity-networking of different steps in this direction (including an open forum for exchange between such alternative groups), or c) to present to searchers (public/media) all the different attempts and offers in this direction
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networking -- Figuera and the idea of New Natives

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"oeff oeff" wrote at 5th of september, 2010:

A nice person, who took part at the Ecotopia-Meeting in august 2010, Juan Antonio Postigo or "Figuera", told me, he would like, too, if his informations and projects could appear here in my networking section...
I have read his texts... With the idea of "New Natives", an intentional community proposal, as expressed in his poem "Utopia":


I believe that one day we human animals
will walk without crutches,
without vices, far beyond, fatherland, family,
violence, trade, possessions.

If we pretend to be more than animals
we should start by not being less,
by being wild, not civilized,
subjected, domestic.

Freed from cattle and plough,
kitchen and granary,
from the tree, with love and reverence
we will take the fruits,
giving thanks while chewing
their fresh, living flesh.

Barefoot and naked, without shame,
dependencies or fear,
open to reason and senses,
relaxed and attentive
to accept and feel the intense,
the subtle, the overwhelming,
in communion with Nature
we will belong to it.

In open and free tribe,
all equal, wise and beautiful,
elders, children, young people,
females and males, without gender,
we will create clean art, poetry,
music, dance and tales,
and under the stars,
overcome and calm we will sleep.

Without abuse, taboos or jealousy
we will give each other
affection in exchange just of affection,
sex in exchange of sex,
without exclusivity or expectations,
out of love, without selling ourselves.

Not our children,
but people of the Earth we will generate,
each jubilant with their part:
modestly fecundating,
or full of faith in their breasts and womb,
with courage giving birth.

With friends of all ages
we will share food and playing,
care and knowing,
vulnerabilities and talents,
faithful support in hard moments,
celebration when we improve.

Nimble, strong, healthy,
the times we do get sick
we will hear instead of silencing
what our body is saying.

Always in the way, we will seek together
the good, fair, true and beautiful:
to know ourselves better, and be better,
to disclose and understand new secrets,
not for controlling, but for being useful
and make the world more fulfilled,
cautiously and humbly,
respecting the mystery.

All our life will be an offering
to the sacred Universe,
and giving it back one day
our whole being
so that Life and Conscience may last,
but not the ego.

I hope that there will be a future
that will look like this;
if you want that we start right now
to live it, to bring it about,
our dreams will melt in one,
and we will make it real.

(by Figuera (Juan Antonio Postigo), licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ( ) )


I think, Figuera's ideas are very correct, even if not all of the details must be valid for all people (for example concerning nourriture or especially concerning love-affairs, to my mind, a lot should tolerantly be open, if the people freely want to chose it: monogamy, a "harem", polyamorie...) But he expresses options, which can be seen at least as very acceptable and respectable options for REASON and LOVE... And which can be regarded as very harmonious with the vision of a culture of "global consensus-brothers and -sisters"... Most of Figuera's ideas felt for me, as if coming from my own heart, too...
If he wants, he can understand himself as an "ally" of our "Schenkers-Movement" ("Givers-" or "Gift-Movement")...
And his "Utopia"-text is for me like one of the texts in our "basic-text-collection": a collection of texts, where different "Schenkers"/"Givers" or "allies" try to express the few central ideals of "Schenkers-Movement" in their own words or thoughts...
The essential ideal in all such texts is only: "As a 'minimum-consensus for global responsability' we propose: We need enough REASON and LOVE, so that the humans become able for common-good-consensus-decisions..." - so that all further decisions can be given into such consensus-finding...

Welcome here in this "networking-list", Figuera... And you are always welcome in our projects...
Everybody, who understands the central dream, is very very valuable - because it is possible, that only very very few pioneers of that future world will have to prepare the way... Every little thing, which they do not dare - or dare, can have decisive importance...

LIGHT and LOVE for all...
Oeffie (Öff Öff)

oeff oeff
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"figuera" wrote at 9th of september, 2010:

Dear Oeffie,
Thank you very much for accepting me in your forum and your very kind and relevant comments. By now I have little time and I'm just testing, I'll post more later. :)

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Re: networking -- Figuera and the idea of New Natives

#3 Beitragvon oeff oeff » Sa 15. Mär 2014, 16:09

"figuera" wrote at 15th of september, 2010:

Of course the New Natives vision isn’t a program to be imposed on anyone, not everyone will want to live it. But I hope to find true friends to live it with them as far as we are able to, and seed further achievements for those who follow us. It will be beautiful if some of us can, and with our example and experience and the resources we originate we will make others easier to join.
About options in sexual love, I feel that polyamory is the only one which makes equality and satisfaction for everyone possible. Monogamy (and even more harem-like arrangements) means that someone is going to be left alone. It unavoidably produces chronic lack of close contact (not only physical contact) and sexual satisfaction for some people, and temporary lack for nearly everyone. It’s simply not realistic to assume that everyone is going to have the ideal mate (or even just any mate) and keep them forever. I think that in love and sex as well as in economy we build scarcity through possessiveness, thus creating a need to compete rather than cooperate.
I think that only relationships that are open to include new partners in an equal basis (and also to let a partner go) can prevent this, allowing us to live the joy of sharing contact and sex without excluding other close people from enjoying it too, thus creating abundance instead of scarcity.
I know we haven’t been educated for this and it’s quite challenging to live this in a healthy way, but I still think it may be worth trying. Of course, no one should be forced to take part in it: the feelings that prevent most people from doing so are real too. We can try and help people to deal with these feelings, but only if they want to. So I think New Natives should be open to people who don’t want to explore this path, but they should also respect it and feel okay around people who are openly living it.
I much agree with choosing Reason and Love as core values required for building the world we want. These two words put together remind me of Toma Ŝik (see whom I unfortunately didn't meet when he was alive and whose ideas are an important inspiration for me.
I also feel that New Natives as a very specific and probably small tribe could be part of a larger intentional community. In this sense I'm also taking part in the preliminary conversations for the FOUNDATION project (see I reproduce here the current introductory text for it:
A model village based on personal and social responsibility and evolution through a conviction that great wisdom and ability to unveil and recognize the truth lay within each person.
The project will not be defined by existing models. The appeal of any model, philosophy, book or tradition lies not in its inherent sanctity, but in our feeling of inner resonance as they agree with our intuition, reason or experience. Therefore we will encourage people to guide themselves by their truth within rather than defer to some religion, ideology, institution, prescriptive moral, canonical writings or spiritual leader.
Of course there are a myriad of teachings that hold much wisdom, but none of them deserve a holy status to which a person should surrender. No teacher is always right or has all the answers, and acknowledging this is linked to our egalitarian philosophy too. So the project aims to maximize everyone's personal responsibility and inner wisdom and thereby transcend many limiting patterns of existence and social interaction.
It also aims to transcend delusions of ownership by shared property and aiming to be non-monetary. Also embracing concepts of equality, anarchy (avoiding power structures), respect, non-violence, permaculture, freedom (including of sexual orientation and options) and free-school style education.
It will seek to be self sufficient in food, energy and skills but importantly will not be closed from wider society, rather aspiring to influence it by example to a more humane existence. We will freely offer aid to the needy whenever possible, and a loving community home for abandoned children.
A diversity of personal spiritual approaches will be welcome and respected, including secular, agnostic or atheistic visions, but not these that regard as a mission to convert everyone else to their religion.
Some of us feel that a vegan diet and lifestyle is an important factor for non-violence and social responsibility, and further debate is needed for balancing this with freedom of dietary choices and for defining the use of land and the kind of food we will offer as a help-out or to refuged children.
It is proposed to establish the village in rural India, but other possibilities may be considered.

Light and Love,

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