networking -- Bank of Happiness

Here SB invites other people to take part in networking a) to create "seeds" of existential living of the alternative structure (love, gifts, "consensus-sharing"...), or b) to create effective solidarity-networking of different steps in this direction (including an open forum for exchange between such alternative groups), or c) to present to searchers (public/media) all the different attempts and offers in this direction
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networking -- Bank of Happiness

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"oeff oeff" wrote at 1st of october, 2010:

Elf Pavlik gave me a hint at another initiative in the "money-free" direction:

Some informations about this "bank":

Bank of Happiness

The Bank wants to make people think and act with their heart. The Bank is meant for all those who value good deeds and have the will to do good. The wish of the Bank is to make people think and act with their heart. The Bank is meant for all those, who value good deeds and have the will to make good themselves.

The Bank of Happiness was created from the ideas of ordinary people and it isn’t anyone’s personal ambition or business plan. The purpose of the Bank is to promote non-monetary values, in order to help people find their way back to the deeper values. The prerequisite to the operation of the Bank are real people in need and helpers, i.e. benefactors, people among us.

The Bank of Happiness promotes the gratitude economy where rules that at first seem impossible, prevail. By sharing something that you obtain, you can multiply the benefit received. How much exactly depends on the value of the shared thing. The bigger the value of the thing to be shared, the bigger the benefit of sharing. Every small thing that you share with others always gives a bigger benefit than it is worth!

Why should you join the Bank of Happiness?
There are many reasons . The purpose of the initiative was completely sincere and direct, lead by the wish to do good for the entire society. Participation in the activities of the Bank of Happiness is easy and fun. The Bank offers new experiences and the possibility to meet interesting people. In the Bank of Happiness you will feel needed and experience joy from giving and receiving. The Bank of Happiness is the only bank where EVERYTHING is free of charge!


Security is very important for the Bank of Happiness. The process of becoming a customer and opening an account in the Bank of Happiness is similar to any other bank. The customers have to identify themselves using an Estonian ID card or via their current internet bank account. Those people who do not have access to the Internet are connected and identified by their local Chief of Happiness or personal happiness dealer. In the Bank of Happiness everyone uses their real names. The full name is only visible to the user itself and to the person performing the good deed. For other users only the first name is displayed to keep the privacy.

Every person in need has the right to choose whose help to accept and whose not. There is also an obligation to inform others if the help was not received due to the bad intentions of the person who offered to help.

The most important values of the Bank of Happiness are trust and good will. The abuse of trust will leave a mark on user’s account forever.

The Bank of Happiness is a bank based on happiness and trust.


Bank of Happiness: Dear friends. Can you make a good deed for us? Please help to reach those foreigners who live in Estonia and invite them to join this group. Maybe they need some advice or help here, or they can offer to help others.

I M: Yess but, how can we foreigners offer our help through the website? Currently, if I am not mistaken, you have to register with an ID card, which we, poor foreigners, don't always have. That could be a really good deed in order to help other who want to help! :-)

Bank of Happiness: Yes Ivan - right now the system offers login trough Estonian banks and id-card system. One option is to write to our assistant and she helps you to put info up. She has put up some offers even from Dutch people who are not living in Estonia. We are working on that, that to open the system in future in other countries and so everyone can use the system everywere.


and a comment of me to this "bank":

To my mind this new contact (the "Bank of Happiness") is showing once again, how valuable it will be to get something like a "map" of persons and initiatives, movements or organisations, who work in the "money-free direction"... So that an effective net can grow... Energies can be put together, hands can be put into hands, same things can become a unity, differences can become clear and can give a good orientation to searchers and so on...
The work of Pavlik is very valuable to my mind...


What I am not so happy about, is, that - because of "security" - in the "Bank of Happiness" people, who damage trust, get a mark forever in their bank-account... If I understand it correctly...
I like more the idea, that "security" develops by fraternal community-life, where the situation (also the inner and social situation of the people) gets transparent and can be worked at in an organic way... So that the people, who live together in such a way, can also work with faults like trust-damaging, and can come to changes, which can be sufficiently clear... So that true forgiving and new beginning is possible and so on...

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