Here SB invites other people to take part in networking a) to create "seeds" of existential living of the alternative structure (love, gifts, "consensus-sharing"...), or b) to create effective solidarity-networking of different steps in this direction (including an open forum for exchange between such alternative groups), or c) to present to searchers (public/media) all the different attempts and offers in this direction
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"oeff oeff" wrote at 13th of october 2010:


As Pavlik invited me (for the intended "map"), I want to begin today a little list of addresses of "(support-)places for money-free living".

I will begin with the addresses of our "Schenkers-Projects", where every human being - and naturally now everybody of you, my money-free friends, too - is welcome to live with us in such a community-culture of 'consensus-sharing', can find food etc. as a gift, without needing money and so on, with only voluntary work etc...
I will begin this list in our board, as Pavlik proposed, but I see it as an element for our common website then, where it can be continued by all of us with everything, we want to offer...
(Our Schenkers-board is very much the aim of attacks - what is one reason, that we better should concentrate our common website-presentation somewhere else, in the new website, in Mark Boyle's board etc...)

Here are the most important public addresses of "Schenkers-Projects" in Germany:

* "House of Hospitality", Alte Dorfstr. 6(-13), 19370 Parchim (OT Dargelütz)
Contact: the "Schenker" 'Rasputin': every day from 19-19:45: 038720-88558, or:
This project offers also as a gift "alternative social work": we welcome as unconditional as possible every human brother or sister in need...

* "Friedens-Garten" ("Peace-Garden"), Haus 5c, 02627 Hochkirch (OT Pommritz)
Contact: Uwe Haspel
A very "elaborated" project of natural self-sufficiency... With an old house, (permaculture-)gardens etc...

* "Biotopia", Skalaweg 20, 02708 Löbau (OT Kittlitz)
Contact: Öff Öff (Oeffie) 017627110248 or:
Here I try my independent life as a "wild-rawfood-collector", with a big part of self-made clothes, self-constructed huts... Plus handy and notebook for communication... In a nature-reserve...

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"oeff oeff" wrote in 14th of october, 2010:

Heidemarie Schwermer added in a part of a message the following informations:

"Surely you know the possibilities for sleeping without paying anything: or
and there are other adresses. One of them are the "gib und nimm" houses, which you can find if you go to my website: "

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What brought me to some STRUCTURAL IDEAS...

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"oeff oeff" wrote at 14th of october, 2010:

Dear "money-free" friends!

Thank you, Heidemarie, for these tipps...

I think, all the different aspects are valuable:
- that each one finds his/her own way; - and that we see our common upper theme "living without money"; - and that we see, how necessary and interesting it is to begin a discussion among us...

Furthermore I think, it can also be very valuable (concerning our "list or map of money-free (support-)places" etc.), that we can give to searching people a) a rather complete overview of offers (including couchsurfing as well as alternative community-life etc.), and b) in form of a well structured overview:
--- what are offers in the meaning of "money-free", that it means "exchange with other currencies than money" (1); or what are offers in the sense of "gift-economy" (2);
--- and (concerning 1 or 2) what are offers concerning an aspect or a part of life (for example a sleeping place) -- and what are offers in the sense of a complete 'alternative-life-context' (from spirituality to community-aspects like decision- and distribution-structures, what some people - including for example Gandhi - like to call the political and economical systems...)...

I would have been soooooo happy, if I would have found such a beautiful overview of possibilities or offers twenty years ago, when I wanted to orientate myself for my future life...

With LOVE for you all,

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More ideas of money-free-support

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"oeff oeff" wrote at 20th of october, 2010:


After our chat, while trying to fall asleep I couldn't stop thinking about
what we could together next... Buy Nothing Day started poping up over and
over again!

As far as I know Mark has closer connection with this initiative?

At this moment I would really like to help with organizing actions for
that day, especially by inviting various existing networks to come together
in solidarity to support it. So far I think about those groups which may
like to porticipate in Buy Nothing Day 'pow-wows'

== Food
Food not Bombs -
I meet people from few groups and their actions helped me a lot durring my
first moneyfree living chapter in 2008 (California) I also stopped eating
meet that time and wouldn't probably do so well without their amaizing
vegan meals =)

'political' traveling kitchens like:

those 3 I came accross during 'No Border Camp' few weeks ago in Brussels
I can very likely organize contacts to many more of them, at this year
Ecotopia gathering I've met few people who have work with it for decades...

Vokus - I know that in german speaking regions many house projects do this
donation based kitchens, I believe they could cook this day without
accepting any money

== Stuff

Freecycle Network -
huge network, I've send you suggestion for their facebook page, groups all
over the globe

Freeshops some links available at good old:
not complete of course, I believe we could find and get involved groups
from many, many more =)

== Internet
I would like groups working on open, free wireless internet to also have
opportunity to present themselves and invite local communities to
participate in developing those networks

Freifunk -
just one of exammples but well established

Hackerspaces -
I would like to invite people to do short presentations on using
'Advertisement Blocking Plugins' and introducing people to advantages of
using 'Open Source' software. In last moths I started meeting people from
this network and plan on working more with them.

That's just a handfull of ideas, I would like to start contacting people
in few days. I belive that if we stimulate our imagination we can help in
creating very valuable event =)

elf Pavlik

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